Another happy customer writes…

Thand you, Heather.  I want to tell you that as a retired Division Customer Service Executive over 14 States, I seldom saw your level of care and attention given to a customer with a very small order.  When this order is done, I would like to make your extraordinary service to the owner of your company if that is all right with you.  In todays’s rush/rush world, we are too often too quick to complain when a ball is dropped, but too slow in commending someone who does a great job. You are a credit to your company and the owner needs to know it.


“ truly the real deal…”

From: Michael F.
Sent: Wednesday, February 01, 2017 7:38 PM
To: Simon’s Stamps
Subject: Re: Order from SIMON’S STAMPS, INC..


“I just want to say you guys are the absolute best. I work with all kinds of apparel makers, printers, seamstresses, etc. and Simon’s Stamps are truly the real deal and a step above the rest. I recommend your stamps to everyone, ensuring zero hassle, quick shipping, and a great team for assistance. We 💛 ya Simon’s Stamps!”

-Michael F.


Getting letters from great customers like this is a really great way to start your day. 🙂

Dear Simon’s Stamps,

Yours is the best customer service ever.
Do you have a manager I can mention this too, or are you the business owner?
Seriously, if you have a manager, please respond with your name and theirs, along with the manager’s email.

Either way, many thanks and I’d like to see more businesses behave similarly.