moving from uTypia

Simon’s Stamps has long been “powered by uTypia“. That is, uTypia’s server in Vienna runs the software that allows you to design your own stamp and display it on your monitor. When you’re done, the information, including your design, is sent back to our server and entered into production.

Unfortunately, uTypia has been less than 100% reliable, so we’ve been looking into switching to another application server, ConnectWeb. We’ve been getting the new site set up, testing, etc.

Then, last Saturday, uTypia’s server was down all day. They didn’t even notify us. Nobody could place an order. Not only was this costing us money, it was annoying our customers. So we decided to imediately switch to the ConnectWeb service, even though we weren’t finished testing it. After all, it’s better than a big “Your browser cannot display the webpage” message.

Fortunately, after a bit of tweaking, the new, improved website is working fine. We think you’ll like the improved shipping charge calculations, the ability to immediately produce a PDF proof, and the simplicity of the ordering process.

If you don’t, you can still access the old site. (uTypia’s servers are working again.) Just go to If you’ve already registered and want to pull up one of your old orders, that’s where to look for it.