Hi Tim,

I’m happy to report that we did receive the stamp yesterday morning as scheduled! I want to take a moment to recognize the AMAZING level of customer service that I received from you and your team. You took a bad shipping situation (which wasn’t even your company’s fault), quickly mobilized your resources to accommodate an unbelievably tight turn-around time (12 hours) and saved the day for us in a big way.

I find it exceedingly rare to work with companies that can even meet the most basic of customer service expectations, let alone one that redefines the gold standard of customer service like you folks did. Our order wasn’t even a large one, but the care and level of service that we received from you / Simon’s Stamps, especially considering the low dollar amount of the order means that we can trust your company 100% across the board.

You have my sincerest thanks for all your efforts and you sir have earned a Brand Evangelist as a result.

Please forward / use this email anyway you see fit. I hope you and the whole team get the credit for this INCREDIBLE work of customer service that you so richly deserve!

Best Regards,





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