Happy Halloween!

Here at Simon’s Stamps we celebrated Halloween yesterday with a downtown trick-or-treat! There were tons of fun costumes including Mario from Super Mario Brothers, Superman, Spiderman, & even a vampire or zombie – or two!

We got in the spirit of the day – and seeing as Halloween is the favorite holiday of more than half of the employees – it was easy!

First off, Simon wore a festive cowboy hat and, along with his daughter Eva and wife Beth, gave out hand stamps for $2 – or free, only if you were wearing a costume, of course!


Kat, the Gryffindor student, passed out candy to the kids along with Production Manager, Angie – Countess of Darkness, Gene – our resident Renaissance Man, and Melissa – our Gypsy Sorcerer!


Even our USPS & UPS carriers joined our festivities!


We had a great time at Simon’s Stamps last night and we wish all of you a very Happy, and safe, Halloween!

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